The man leaves the iPad on the plane, then follows the device to the apartments. Now what?

The built-in apps can help you find your iPhone or other devices if you lose them, but so what? A viewer contacted our KPRC 2 investigation team when they located the location of his expensive iPad, but could not get help retrieving it. Should he erase the missing device? What could the airlines do to help him? KPRC 2 is working to get answers.

What if you leave a device on an airplane?

The last time Mark Goodman saw his iPad was on a Southwest Airlines red-eye flight to Houston from Denver. He realized he had left it on the plane the next morning at home. He panicked then remembered the “find my iphone”That comes on every Apple device.

“And I thought I was just going to wind it up,” Goodman explains. “There you go, it was 8501 Broadway, which I initially thought, well, was the lost and found offsite of Southwest Airlines.”

But he was not that lucky. The address actually took him and us to this apartment complex just up the road from Hobby Airport. He could see where it was on the map, he just couldn’t access it.

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“This is my phone here in Bellaire,” Goodman shows us from his phone. “And there is the iPad located just north of Hobby Airport”

Goodman reported the information to Southwest Airlines hoping they would verify it. But after a few days, Southwest sent him this message: “We haven’t located your missing item yet.”

“I thought, you know, time is running out,” Goodman said.

Time passed, because as soon as Goodman’s iPad battery died, he would no longer be able to keep up with his device. Goodman struggled to wipe his iPad remotely to protect his personal information or leave it so he could continue to track his device.

“It was totally frustrating to be able to see him here and not be able to go and pick him up,” he said.

At a dead end, Goodman finally deactivated his iPad. And what is it Apple says you should do too.

What to do if you lose your iPad?

1. If your iPhone or iPad is lost or stolen, start with use the “find my app” to try to locate it.

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2. Mark it as lost. This locks the device remotely, keeping your information safe and disabling Apple Pay. This function also allows you to send an alert from the device.

3. Report the lost or stolen device to the police.

4. File it with your insurance company if it is covered.

5. Remotely erase your device and remove it from your account.

Police say it’s important that you keep track of the serial number on your device. If it’s stolen and the thief tries to sell or pawn it, the cops may be able to get it back. For Goodman, he never found his missing iPad.

Here is Southwest Airlines’ full statement regarding Goodman’s lost iPad:

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