The most luxurious shortlets for 2022: Sujimoto Residences

The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence. It’s time to put 2021’s troubles aside and look to a brighter year 2022.

Let us help you reduce your stress this year by giving you the royal treatment you so badly need to feel like royalty. Experience the true definition of luxury when you book a stay at Sujimoto Residences’ luxury short rental apartments.

Free yourself from the challenges faced by many short term rental apartments which suffer from security, poor road networks, power supply, water supply and inadequate infrastructure.

There are two types of rental apartment owners in Lagos, Nigeria; the first are those whose main objective is profit maximization and not the pursuit of customer satisfaction, then there is luxury, where Sujimoto residences come into play, a short term hobby of the Sujimoto group, renowned for redefining the standard for living luxury and eradicating every inch of mediocrity in the real estate industry in Africa.

In November 2021, Sujimoto Residences had sold all of its rental apartments until 2022 and the reason is simple; According to Sijibomi Ogundele, our MD / CEO Sujimoto Group, he said: “We are proud to call us ‘your housekeepers’, from inquiry to checkout, from balcony to bedroom, Sujimoto Residences provides the
ultimate refined living experience, with our fully equipped 3 and 4 bedroom apartments which feature exclusive amenities such as private chef, private concierge staff, fully equipped Technogym, unlimited Wi-Fi, Netflix, full home automation, power supply Electric 24 hours a day, Cable TV, Private driver service, Outdoor terrace / Jacuzzi, Central Music
player, premium security, ample parking, furnished BQ and many other amenities.

Are you a business traveler looking for a home away from home with luxury office space to work in? A tourist looking to explore the spectacular city of Lagos? Want to go on vacation with family or stay? Are you an elite expat or a modern entrepreneur looking for a serene environment for work, relocation and relaxation? – Sujimoto Residences is your ultimate destination!

Let us offer you a soft landing in the most serene area of ​​Lagos – Banana Island, Ikoyi – where you can feel comfortable, safe and secure.

Describing the Sujimoto Residences experience as a life changing might not do it justice, perhaps its worth and worth is not made for words, but to be lived!

Call Jemima on 0702 500 4780 or Quinnet on 0813 424 5404 today to make your reservation.

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