The Tipperary couple’s location in the house may be important to their deaths, says Gardaí

The location of the Tipperary couple’s body in their bungalow may be important to their deaths, Gardaí says.

The elderly couple, Nicholas and Hilary Smith, were discovered in their home with Gardaí believing they could have been there for 18 months.

Post-maternal examinations of the couple conducted by State Pathologist Dr Linda Mulligan at Waterford University Hospital on Tuesday were inconclusive.

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However, detectives said they are keeping an open mind as to their cause of death until the results of toxicology reports are available within the next 72 hours.

Garda sources shared that the focus of their ongoing investigation is that the bodies were found in different rooms in the Cloneen bungalow.

Mr Smtih was discovered in a bedroom of the house, but his wife was found in the living room down the hall.

Blinds were drawn in both rooms as Gardaí found no evidence of violence towards either body.

They believe the different locations of the two bodies may be important to their cause.

The team investigating the incident is looking at several theories, including the possibility that the Covid-19 virus was involved.

Gardaí is also considering the presence of prescription drugs found on the property.

A house in Cloneen near the Tipperary-Kilkenny border where the bodies of two people were found on Monday afternoon. Picture date: Tuesday June 21, 2022.

The elderly couple had struggled with a number of health issues before their deaths, including arthritis and an autoimmune disease.

Detectives have the chimney and boiler investigated to rule out the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Residents of the community shared that they were in disbelief at the couple’s discovery as people believed they had planned to move overseas.

However, a local man became concerned after seeing the neglected state of the house and the English couple’s car had been parked behind their property without moving for 12 months.

Lockdown isolation was a potential reason the couple were not found sooner as members of the local community were told Mr and Mrs Smith were moving to France around November 2020.

Gardaí found no signs of evidence of foul play after securing the scene and alerted them due to concerns over the couple’s welfare on Monday June 20.

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