Things to consider before going on vacation

Summer is here and people are planning those vacation getaways and road trips.

Tomorrow is “National Insurance Awareness Day,” and before you lock up the house or put the car away, you’ll want to be prepared with good information if anything unexpected happens along the way.

Kris Hall from Meadowbrook Insurance Agency in Southfield joined ‘Live in the D’ with Tati Amare with great advice and a huge freebie to make this road trip a little easier to take.

According to Hall, Meadowbrook Insurance Agency specializes in auto, home and business insurance policies. They buy multiple companies for their clients, giving you a better chance of finding the best price on your rates.

Hall went over some of the toughest claims scenarios that come up in their office this time of year as everyone prepares to hit the road for the summer driving season.

Scenario 1: You get ready and hit the road, and you go to lunch. You get out and realize someone broke into your car with a crowbar and stole your gear.

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  • Question: Can this be covered by your car insurance policy or your home insurance policy?

  • Answer: This can be both because the damage to your vehicle comes from your car insurance policy and the damage to your contents that were stolen can be claimed on your home insurance policy.

Scenario two: You get back in your car, and you keep driving, and you crash into one of Michigan’s infamous giant potholes.

  • Question: Is this covered by insurance?

  • Answer: Potentially yes. If you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, collision coverage will cover you for that pothole. However, Hall said to keep in mind your deductible and also whether there is even enough damage to warrant a claim.

Scenario three: You come home, open the sliding glass door and find that your basement has two to three inches of water.

  • Question: Does the home insurance policy cover it?

  • Answer: Unfortunately, as we’ve learned over the past year, the answer is usually no, unless your home insurance policy is approved with water backup coverage, you don’t have coverage for it.

When asked how to get the best insurance deal, Hall advised customers to shop around. He said insurance companies only charge rates based on their own experiences and that two insurance companies can charge two drastically different rates for the same product.

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To find out more about how Meadowbrook Insurance Agency can help you, visit their website.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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