Tiffani Thiessen and Nutri-Grain want to send you on vacation

Tiffani Thiessen is not new to Hollywood. As a former child actress, she has appeared on the smallstage in everything from “Saved by the Bell” to “Alexa and Katie”. His most recent projects have taken a decidedly different turn in the tastiest arena: food. As an MTV host Delight, Thiessen shares some of the funniest and most viral food videos. His next culinary feat? Teaming up with Nutri-Grain to give families a break after more than a year of restrictions and upheaval.

“Food has always been a big part of my life, so it’s fun to have a career in this kind of business. It was really exciting that Nutri-Grain came to see me. I think as a parent I realize how much we negotiate with our kids when it comes to food: a snack, a meal or whatever. The amount of trying to get them to eat something healthy. Thiessen explains.


“They told me a statistic that blew me away.” She keeps. “They said half of parents spend about nine days a year negotiating over food. Nine days a year. It’s been a lot of days.

So what does this mean for his partnership? Nutri-Grain’s Get away from Bargaining contest will give five families vacations of up to $ 10,000. Just comment on Nutri-Grain and tell them where you want to go. “If you need any ideas,” Thiessen said with a laugh, “you are more than welcome to ask me for them and maybe… I can even come with you!

Thiessen and her family are active in the kitchen and beyond. Thiessen says, “We grow a lot of fruits and vegetables and stuff, which has been really fun getting the kids involved in this whole aspect of the food. Where it came from and watch it grow and use it in the kitchen. The enchiladas are great, a favorite of my children that I had when I was young. Coming from Southern California, of course, we have a lot of taco and pizza parties. Kids love to make their own pizza.

Food is always a conversation. What does she think of the body positivity trend?

“I wish I had that body positivity years ago. I love it, I kiss it. I think it’s way overdue. And being a woman in this business, I know all about it. I grew up having to hear it, see it, smell it, all that. I love that we are finally starting to accept all the differences between what we look like on the outside. Especially being a mother of two. My body is not the same as it was twenty years ago.

Any advice for parents who spend too much time negotiating with their children?

Laughing, Thiessen adds, “Yeah, buy Nutri-Grain. She then explains further. “I think it’s about trying to find something that you both can agree on that is easily accessible in your pantry that you can lean on. This is how I feel about Nutri-Grain. It’s one of those items in the pantry that I really allow kids to have their independence to go get because they know I will always say yes to them. I think finding those items that you don’t have to negotiate on, that are just in the pantry.

How has been this summer for Thiessen and his family?

“We have just returned from an eleven day motorhome trip. For eleven days. It was really fun. You literally go from being in your house for a year to a small car / smaller house for eleven days. But it was really fun. We went to the Grand Canyon and Colorado and did some rafting. I went to Zion which is one of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen. I think we will make it a tradition every year.


When it comes to cooking in a motorhome, Thiessen was just as ready as her family for a cooking holiday. “I kind of gave myself a break in the kitchen when we were traveling. I spent over a year making three meals and about nine snacks a day and, you know what, I was just like I wasn’t going to do it. So I took a break and it was a well-deserved break. And I loved every moment.

The publication of the Nutri-Grain competition is live on their Instagram page. See below for official rules.

  • HOW TO ENTER: Head over to Nutri-Grain’s Instagram (@nutrigrain) and comment on the official raffle post (live 7/14) with your dream destination for a family getaway in the contiguous United States to run the chance to win.
  • Act fast! Fans have until July 28 to participate.
  • THE PRICE: Nutri-Grain will select five lucky winners who will each receive their dream family getaway to the contiguous United States valued at up to $ 10,000, plus a one-year supply of breakfast bars and in Nutri-Grain® bites to keep future negotiations at bay.


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