Vacation rental specifically designed for the Discovery Heights neighborhood, offering solutions for high rental demands

Vacation rental specifically designed for the Discovery Heights neighborhood, offering solutions for high rental demands


At the southern end of the Long Beach Peninsula is a large basalt promontory made up of forested peaks and magnificent headlands overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The breathtaking views will draw you in as soon as you lay eyes on the property that will become Discovery Heights.

A sunset over vast waters, an open-air breeze from your boat rental, and the feeling of horseback riding along the beach, a vacation in Discovery Heights will make you feel like stepping out of your favorite movie. The imagery is just too amazing to describe – you have to see it for yourself.

But there is just one problem – this development does not yet exist.

In today’s vacation rental market, one thing seems to be on everyone’s mind: the demand for new vacation rental properties.

In a post-pandemic time when, thankfully, many property managers and owners seem to have no problem booking their vacation rental properties, the focus has shifted to owner acquisition and new purchase. rental properties.

But where will this inventory come from?

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The solution

Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and Tennessee are all states where vacation rental properties are fortunately welcome to exist within existing residential zoning. In places like these, finding a new vacation rental inventory is little bit difficult.

However, this is not the case in most places.

States like Oregon and Washington face the challenge of local cities and counties limiting the growth of vacation rentals.

So, in this time when we are focused on growing the vacation rental industry, new specially designed vacation rental complexes are a solution to our problem.

From a marketing standpoint, specially designed niche properties lend themselves to direct booking and are less reliant on OTAs to attract customers.

These properties are purposefully built with you in mind. In order to provide new vacation rentals, building a bespoke property requires extensive research, attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the chosen market.

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Enter the heights of discovery

With a magnificent combination of location, history and demographics coupled with a magnificent property, Discovery Heights is poised to become an extraordinary vacation rental resort – a purpose built development.

Weston Roberts Discovery Drive Listing of Reflective films at Vimeo.

Located between two booming metropolitan areas of Portland and Seattle, this resort complex will house approximately 450 luxury units. The area of ​​Discovery Heights sits right alongside Lewis & Clark National Park, and amenities include stunning ocean views, two local lighthouses, world-famous hiking trails, and the popular Cape Disappointment National Park. The current owners of the Discovery Heights acreage all have personal connections to local communities dating back to the 1800s and dreamed of and encouraged the development of a large-scale resort on the site.

The owners of Discovery Heights have taken inspiration from other purpose-built neighborhoods, such as Seabrook, WA, to develop this immaculate lot into a place we can all enjoy.

Imagine yourself in this destination development enjoying stunning ocean views, lighthouse rides, quick access to miles of coastal rainforest and protected state parks, horseback riding at sunset and enjoying a quintessential beach experience right outside your back door.

Discovery Heights, the solution to the challenges of our industry?

We in the vacation rental industry have a need for new vacation rental properties as the demand for reservations continues to grow. Purpose-built properties might just be the answer.

Perhaps Airbnb, VRBO, and the large number of private equity firms injecting capital into VRMs will take a detour and help build new inventory on the Washington coast.

You too can be part of the solution this specially designed development. Learn more and to be involved today.

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