Villager has 60 days to resolve deed compliance issue in rental property

A villager has been given 60 days to replace the gravel in the front yard of the patio villa he rents at 2075 Thornton Terrace.

On Friday, the Community Development District 5 Supervisory Board gave Victor Petrocelli an additional 15 days to comply due to his recurring medical issues.

Using a cane and walking slowly towards the microphone, Petrocelli told supervisors he had recently been hospitalized and his tenant had been gone for over a month. He therefore did not receive any violation notices sent to the Broyhill Villas rental unit. After buying the property eight years ago, he installed the gravel about a year later, he said. A neighbor complained last November, which started the enforcement process for an act restriction violation.

At a public hearing into the case, Petrocelli said other homeowners in the area also had gravel in their front yards and he sent photos of it to Community Standards.

But CDD 5 attorney Mark Brionez said what the other owners are doing is irrelevant to the case.

Brionez said Petrocelli could apply for a waiver before the architectural review board, but it would be denied.

This rock needs to be removed from a yard in Broyhill Villas.

Petrocelli pledged to correct the violation and immediately met in the hallway with Community Standards Manager Shannon Mattiucci to work out the details.

“We represent our residents,” CDD 5 President Gary Kadow told Petrocelli. “We are not looking to punish anyone. We cannot make exceptions.

If Petrocelli does not correct the violation, it faces a $150 fine and $50 daily charge until the property is brought into compliance. No fines have yet been imposed.

If the fines reach $1,500, The Villages could sue, seek an injunction, or place a lien on the property.

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