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Transfers of ownership

Joyce A. Wade to Casey Kelly. Lot 9, Section II, Fernwood, $310,000

Ray Anthony Taylor Samuel P. and Michelle L. Angus. Parcel 2, north side of US 60, 1 acre, $30,000

Taylor D. Brown and Thomas N. McGarry at Blalund L. Taylor. Lot 2, Section 1, Shadow Ridge, $243,000

Judith Brockman LeHew and Sherry B. Mays to William S. Brockman. Three plots off Lowesville Road, $202,333.32

William S. Brockman to Judith Brockman Lehew. Parcel, off Lowesville Road, 100 $112.25

AZ Homes LLC to John LaCombe. Lot 6, Section 2, Coolwell Acres, $250,000

Rawleigh Adams and Marilou J. Williams-Adams at LMI Properties LLC. Parcel, next to Elon Road $29,900

Ronald G. Soult and Glenn D. Soult to Glenn E. and Sandra W. Micklem. Parcel, 1.15 acres near Woody’s Lake and parcel, Section 3, Woodland Heights, $225,000

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Richard A. Schaad to Lilian Noemi Alvarenga. Parcel, 0.716 acres, fronting Church Street, $172,000

George W. Hall Sr. and Carol D. Hall to George W. Hall Jr. and Jennifer Casey. Lot 22, Chestnut Hills, $30,000

CMH Homes Inc. to Deron Lamar Hubbard and Porsha Neann Wright. Lot 5, Virginia 604, 4.94 acres, $20,500

Robert E. Crouch Sr. to Cameron and Salina Taylor. Lot 6 and half of Lot 5, Section 3, Country Haven Estates, $15,000

David S. Moody Jr. and Dianne D. Moody, directors of Dana A. Donovan and Kelly J. Donovan. Lot 6, overlooking Va. 613, 8.94 acres, $795,000

Bernadette Woodfin to Ryan Lucia. Sector 6, Gobblers Ridge, Lakes District, $906,500

George W. Thomas to David W. and Karena Jamison and Catherine L. Jamison. Parcel, go. 695, 31,635 acres, Blue Ridge District, $650,000

Stacey L. Lavender to Jason Matthew and Cherie Lissette Saunders. 1041 Owen Ridge Lane, Blue Ridge District, $499,950

Jack Clark Bestwick II and Tiffany Anne Bestwick to John P. and Marsha W. Bennett. 3107 Headens Bridge Road, Lake District, $350,000

Donald G. Lynn Jr. and Nicole Lynn at CCM Rental Properties LLC. Unit 39, Phase 4, Mariner’s Village Condominium, Lakes District, $315,500

Malcolm H. Burgess III to Paige W. and Daniel R. Ripley Jr. Tract 2B, Va. 24 and additional plot, Lakes District, $300,000

CMH Homes Inc. to Randall Jepson. Lot 4, Hardy Road, Blue Ridge District, $292,500

Ryan M. Lilly to Robert Smith. Lot 8, Block 3, Snug Harbor, Lakes District, $230,000

Kimberly Nicely to Server and Aimee Baker. Lot 5, Maple Hills, Lake District, $199,000

Amber Dawn Pace at Rossello Investments LLC. 1053 Butterfly Lane, Blue Ridge District, $115,000

Michael P. Chekal to Dennis L. Chesley. New Lot 68, Section 3, Pirates Cove, Lakes District, $90,000

Sandra M. Saunders, Randal W. Mays and Jackie M. Davis to Francisco Gonzalez. Lot 70, Variety View Estates, Blue Ridge District, $45,000

Linnea V. McDonald to Kimberly D. Jordan. Lot 58, Section B, Wildernest, Lakes District, $7,041.41

Tina M. Arsenault to Courtney Falcon and Paradise Irving. Tract 26, Vacation Farm, Lakes District, $7,000

Debra L. Giles to Jeffrey K. Bowman. 1304 Jordantown Road, $226,000

Samuel B. and Amanda L. Gregg to Grant W. and Christina Wilson. Lot 3, Section 2, Ivy Hill, $566,500

Deborah Robertson, Ladonna Kay Hall, Angela Dee Wood, Tony James Hall and Tina Renay Hall at MHD LLC. Lot 59, Section 1, Homestead Haven, $152,000

Cameron T. and Kathryn Deacon Shepherd to Gabriel M. and Karen G. Fitzgerald. Lot 64, Summerfield, $336,000

Sheila L. Burton to Brittany and Ean White. Lot 64, Section 2, Stonewall, $420,000

Nathan J. and Autumn S. Houck to Paul and Kiomi Mumford. Lot 2, Snowberry Hill, $250,000

Grandview Course LLC at Christy Flowow. Lot 12, Phase 1, Grandview Course, $359,000

Joshuhua M. Barnes to Isaac S. Landseidel and Cayli A. Snipes. Lot 9, Section 7, Peters Estate, $265,000

Oakwood Villas Retirement Homes LLC to Bruce C. Switzer Sr. and Doretta L. Switzer. Lot 13B, Villa Oak Circle, $334,900

Peter W. Post, Marilyn L. Post, Peter W. Post and Linda Joy Scott at Levi Robert and Elizabeth Ann Grove. 1446 Post Hollow Road, $140,000

Vicie Lorraine Beach to Stuart P. and Teresa A. Henderson. Unit 1, Building 3, Jefferson Villas in Forest, $311,000

Charlotte W. Smith, Denise W. Amoroso and Ford Water to Roy A. and Donna M. Roberson. Unit 3, Building G, Clay’s Crossing, $220,000

Michael J. Stroud and Leigh A. Stroud to Andrew M. and Abigail EG Schmidt. Lot 75, Section 4, The Woods on Wiggington, $313,000

Clarence A. Booth Jr. and Kenneth Wayne Tyree at Kenneth Wayne Tyree. Lot 19, Section 1, Westborough, $131,887.49

Gabriel Andrew Novilla and Tiffany Rae Novilla to Andrew and Melanie Lowe. Lot 18, majestic oaks, $425,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC to Kaya Cassell. Lot 57, Section 1, Blue Ridge Commons, $229,000

John R. Bowers to Samuel Adam Funk. Parcel, McIvers Ferry Road, $16,000

Jennifer J. and John P. Boyd III to Jeremy M. Willsey. Lot 14, Section 5, Russell Springs, $287,500

Janet H. Cheatham to Tanner A. Davis. Lot 6, Gravel Ridge Subdivision, $130,000

Jadon LLC to Michael Charles and Linda Elaine Conger. Lot 35, Phase 2, English Commons, $194,900

Joshua T. and Kaci B. Walker at The Cottage Real Estate LLC. Lot 96, Section III, Tavern Grove, $189,500

Christine Y. and Thornton Critchley Sr. to Timothy J. Thacker Sr. Lot 13, Block 36A, City of Altavista, $39,000

Steven P. Jacobs and Susan Lynn Jacobs to David B. Groves and Teresita C. Groves. Lot 14, Section 1, Block 3, Rainbow Forest, $299,950

Robert L. Dobbs and Jo A. Douglas-Dobbs to Michael J. Webster. Lot 1, Leewood Estates, $445,000

C. Matthew Fariss to Anna Louise Lawhorne. Two packages, Hopper Lane, $36,000

Claude R. Mitchell Sr. to William C. Farwell Jr. 1515 Tabor Road, $67,500

Fralin Company of Central Virginia to R. Fralin Construction Inc. Lot 43, Section III, Block B, Carriage Grove, $33,000

Ronald E. Hurd Jr. to Tomica Lynn Taylor. Lot 3, Block 2, Section A, Hyland Springs Subdivision, $180,500

Matthew Samuel Underwood at Idyl Hour 1984 LLC. Parcel, 84.94 acres, Wards Road, $210,000

Jadon LLC to Yao and Matthew Todd Miller. Lot 34, Phase 2, English Commons, $194,900

Dylan Chittum to Zachary T. Dehli and Mariah L. Acree. 1009 North Grande Avenue, $150,000

Linkits LLC to Evelyn L. Andrews. 4723 Doyle Terrace, $295,000

James R. Gerlinger to Charlene Arnold. Lot 41, Wellington to Wyndhurst, $214,000

Baak Investments LLC to Lisa Gittleman. Lot 19, Holly Farm Subdivision, $450,000

Willow Tree Homes LLC at Bala LLC. 808 Florida Avenue, $62,000

Brian M. and Sandra M. Killough at Vicie Lorraine Beach. Lot 29, Section 1, The Parks at Wyndhurst Subdivision, $325,000

Believabuild LLC to Terrapin Properties LLC. 264 Payne Street, $46,500

Trevor R. Berryman and Shanna L. Berryman to Jamey L. Parks. 918 Pierce Street, $12,000

Mary Ann Booz to George William and Rosemary Cockerill Dawson. Lot 2, Block 13, Plan A, Peakland, $565,000

Jeffrey Lee Milton, Stephanie Lynne Boteler and Jason Brooks Boteler at Andrena L. Hancock. Lot 6, Block 7, Section 2, Long Meadows, $155,000

Lucie C. Bourgeau to PD Investment LLC. 422 Victoria Avenue, $254,000

Nancy S. Butterfield at DRV Construction LLC. 209 and 215 Munford Street, $72,500

David Grissett to Algunzo A. and Lotoya E. Carter. Lot 75, Village of Brookville, $237,500

Helen Eckert Gilmer to Jay M. Cline and Sarah D. Cline. 2329 Indian Hill Road, $650,000

Craig and Brenda Osterhus to Courtney Casabella Gobezie. 109 Yale Street, $370,000

James W. Elliott to Robert Rusnak and Ruslan Komynarets. 1121 Wise Street, $10,000

Kenneth E. and Jessica L. Hess to David James Van Dyk. Lot 95, Northwynd Village and Northwynd Towers, $215,000

FCHB Inc. to Noble Holdings LLC. 2033 Poplar Street, $26,000

Calvin D. Knight to Vickie Francis-Turner. Lot 31, Phase II, Cornerstone City Subdivision, $265,000

Lawrence Ferguson at Swash Lyh LLC. 1901 Main Street, $150,000

Andy Y. and Hilary L. Tso to Landon S. and Taegan M. Fischer. Lot 12, Section IV, Sheffield, $224,900

Scott E. Pearl to Samuel Van Fossen. Lot 7, Block 48, Fairview Heights, $94,000

Karen G. Ragland, Randolph J. Guill and Jeffrey G. Guill to Brenda Stokes. 101 Watkins Square, $259,900

David W. and Marthamerle S. Hackworth at Stuart Taylor Smack. 128 Linden Avenue, $215,000

Tanner L. Hutchins to Joshua and Kelsey Wallace Hankins. 502 Perrymont Avenue, $200,000

William E. Hendricks to Isaac S. Landseidel, Steven L. Landseidel and Anne Landseidel. 1500 Edley Square, $205,000

Lewis A. James Jr. at TT Rehab LLC. 208 Euclid Avenue, $36,900

Tomjen LLC to Jean Capital LLC. Lot 19, Block B, Morey Hills, $190,000

Long Meadows Inc. to Caleb and Binayah Jernigan. Lot 1, Stonehaven, $256,000

Wayne M. Johnson and Juanita CJ Maddox to Michael Edward Phillipps. 609 Leesville Road, $99,900

Diane A. Kidd, Carolyn A. Martin and Sharon A. Sanneman to Randy H. and Selena C. Rider. Lot 4, Block M, Vista Acres, $110,000

Lynchburg Rental Properties LLC to Lassiter Property Group LLC. 623 Monroe Street, $35,000

Jamie McDevitt to Robert D. and Bernadette I. Platt. Lot 19, Legacy Oaks, $299,950

Redely LLC to Tiffany L. and James D. Miles Jr. Lot 9, Subdivision Townhomes at 500 Court Street, $339,900

NBS Real Estate LLC to Revised and Revisited LLC. 201 Hood Street, $25,000

Lilliam Harman Rice at Noble Holdings LLC. Lot 2, Old Forest Road, $85,000

Stephen Todd and Annette B. Pettyjohn to Dennis W. and Jean R. Smith. Lot 4, Morey Hills, $235,000

Irene EJ Smith to Lewis R. and Rebecca M. Reynolds. Lot 8, Block 63, Fairview Heights, $45,000

Building permit

Andrew O. Kent II, 4920 Goode Road, warehouse, $10,160

Ana Garcia, 18396 Forest Road, Suite G, commercial development, $1,200

R. Fralin Construction Inc., lot 19, section 2, Boonsboro Meadows, new dwelling, $230,000

John Kelley, 101 Chimney Sweep Court, bridges, $1,000

Robert Verbeke, 1142 Rocky Branch Dr., alteration, $18,000

Milton Hobbs, 1041 Pierpoint Court, conservatory addition, $89,992

Bradley Arens, 1100 Guthrie Place, garage, $8,000

Bedford Regional Water Board, 1723 Falling Creek Road, roof, $6,900

Edward Marsh, 306 Longhill Road, garage, $200,000

Charles Horn III Trust, Lot 10, Section 1, Bass Cove, New Dwelling, $376,100

Kenneth Christensen, Founding Way Road, new housing, $350,000

Tyler Brown, 2436 Capewood Drive, addition, $20,000

Zane Willis, 1111 Helmsdale Drive, Alteration, $38,000

Jeffrey Roberts, 1070 S. Garrison Court, storage shed, $7,000

Justin Gordon, Lot 72, Mountain View Shores, New Home, $256,632

Thomas Road Baptist Church, Sheep Creek Road, addition, $20,000

Linda Gottus, 108 Foxwood Drive, Garage, $25,000

Global Community, 1311 Horizon Dr., Commercial Modification, $5,000

O. Preston Layne, 1155 Reynolds Road, garage, $15,000

Gregory Hess, Bore Auger Road, garage, $13,000

Richard Cooper, 108 Tall Timber Dr., garage, $45,000

Caleb Lee, 1117 Doty Farm Lane, New Housing, $300,000

David St. Clair, 6257 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway, renovation, $35,000

Wistar Nelligan, 1341 Cedar Ridge Drive, accessory structure, $95,000

Curtis Welch, 1365 Jordantown Road, garage, $100,000

Robert Harman, 1365 Emmaus Church Road, addition, $2,000

Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar, 18013 Forest Road, Suite E-06, commercial modification, $20,000

William Jackson, 1027 Deer Creek Dr., roof deck, $35,854

William Cook, 413 Saunders Point Road, Terrace, $18,902

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